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Do you hear noises in your ears and head? Do the noises disturb your sleep?

We can offer a range of solutions including sound enrichment devices, retraining therapy and ongoing support.

Do you have a sensation of blockage in your ear? Do you experience hearing loss, episodes of vertigo and dizziness? 

We have various treatment strategies to minimise the disease’s long-term impact on your life.

Do you feel that you can hear but do not understand? Do you find it difficult to follow verbal instructions in the presence of noise? 

Healthy Hearing can help if you or your child is suspected of having auditory processing difficulties.

Diagnostic audiology to contribute to the medical diagnosis of patients with hearing and dizziness issues. 

We offer a full range of audiology tests using state of the art technology. 

Do you have profound hearing loss? Are your hearing aids not giving enough benefit? Do you have only one hearing ear?

A hearing implant can deliver sound signals directly to the brain. Ask Healthy Hearing for independent advice on the best option for better hearing.

Are you missing out on hearing all that you want to? Are conversations a challenge? 

Hearing aids can be part of the process for improving your hearing. Our independent audiologists specialise in selecting the best device and designing a hearing rehabilitation program for your individual needs. 

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Healthy Hearing & Balance Care

Specialised Auditory Processing Disorders, Meniere’s and Tinnitus Clinic based in the Eastern Suburb of Bondi Junction in Sydney. We are a private independent audiology practice bringing together the expertise of audiologist, otologist and neuro-physiotherapist to provide customised strategies for the prevention, assessment and rehabilitation of all hearing and balance disorders of children, adults and the elderly.

Our mission is to care for the hearing and balance needs of our patients to the best of our knowledge and expertise using the latest available technology, methods and procedures.
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